Design of all technical protection systems



The safety of our home and family members, as well as the business premises, are an essential need for everyone. To improve safety one can use various protection measures. One of the safest is a wired or wireless system that significantly reduces the possibility of break-in or entry. Prominently displayed signs of an alarm system, such as an alarm blaster and alarm notification stickers at the front door or on windows significantly reduce the probability of a break-in. Alarms systems are intended not only to identify break-ins and silently report entries with a panic button but are also a highly effective way to silently alert the agency's intervention teams and local police, as well as to ensure that the owner of the protected area is notified about the incident. Alarm switchboards can also include sensors for fire detection, gas, water, etc. Depending on the expectation of the client, it is also possible to program these systems to manage various other systems in the protected area, such as heating, air conditioning, lighting, etc.


Since our establishment we have gone through several generations of technology and have mastered design, installation, and maintenance of fire and gas detection systems of leading international equipment manufacturers. Our teams are highly successful in mastering fire and gas protection of small and large buildings, as well as facilities with special requirements. Fire and gas detection systems, as legally required protection systems, are an important element in protection of persons and all types of property in the community. Thanks to our extensive experience in the fields of fire and gas detection, working with equipment produced by leading international companies such as Notifier, Bentel, Cel, Siemens Cerberus, Esser, Fittich, and many others, we are one of very few agencies in BiH authorized for testing and quality certification of fire protection systems.


Video surveillance is implemented in all situations when a visual information about events and condition of the facility is important for safety of people, property, or production process, and improvement of overall business operations. This is why we offer cameras, recorders, and related equipment of renowned companies (DVC, Samsung, Vivotec, Axis, IQ, etc.) with various purposes and technologies, including mini cameras, special housing cameras, fixed and motorized internal and external cameras in standard and specialized anti-vandal options. To corporate clients with a network of business units we offer IP cameras and networked video surveillance systems which use existing computer or telecommunication networks as networking medium that can also be integrated into various management functions in protected facilities. As an additional benefit, DSC offers transfer of live video to our surveillance center in case of alarm being triggered in any given area of the installed anti break-in and anti-burglary area or in situations when, upon client's request, it is necessary to verify the functionality of various components of the video surveillance system, communication with the protected area, etc.


Regardless of the complexity of your needs, your can rely on our solutions for high quality access control and recording of presence during business hours, which will significantly reduce the time required to produce various reports for the purpose of payroll, improve human resource management, minimize errors, and efficiently manage the cost of labor. Access control terminals for personnel identification most often use readers of magnetic, barcode, contactless, and smart cards, while access to premises and facilities that fall into the high-risk category is recently most often controlled using biometric methods combining keyboards and biometric readers (fingerprint verification or iris scan). Access control and authorization can also be applied to vehicles equipped with a specialized transmitter, which allows the vehicle to open and close gates, garage doors, storage doors, parking space ramps, etc. by simply moving into range of the reader installed into the driveway. The entire control system can be linked to a computer that not only oversees the operation of the system and creates user reports, but can also manage lighting, air conditioning, and elevators, as well as take other necessary actions based on the requirements and needs of the client.


The wide range of devices and equipment we offer our clients are also portaphone and video portaphone systems and intercoms, which are primarily used as tools for verification in manual access control settings, but also as communication systems for general purpose. If requested by our clients, these systems are installed in small private buildings and large corporate and public buildings, where we use the same package of products in configurations of various complexity. We would especially like to underline that portaphone systems can easily be combined with video interphone systems, video surveillance systems, and simpler access control systems.



The agency for protection of people and property "DSC" d.o.o. Sarajevo was established in early 1999 as the Center for Electronic Surveillance and Monitoring of Facilities.



Eleven of our staff are university graduates, which is the best proof of investment into the quality of our human resources.



Our clients are our best reference. Most of our clients are successful financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, education, medical, and public institutions, insurance companies, and renowned retail brands.


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