Design of all technical protection systems


The specificity of DSC operations center in terms of electronic protection of facilities is primarily reflected in the fact that all connected alarm systems, including interventions in case of malfunction, are monitored 24 hours a day, all 365 days per year. After receiving the alarm report code for break-ins, burglary, fire breakout, or any other alarm activation, the intervention team is immediately dispatched in the shortest possible time (between 2 and 10 minutes) to visit the site. Notification is also sent to relevant police department for emergency intervention and legally prescribed site processing actions. In case of fire alarms, notification is sent to professional fire departments requesting their assistance. In addition, protected areas are also kept safe until the owner or tenant show up on site. Regular activities of the operations center include mandatory filing of all data collected with technical protection systems on magnetic media based on a prescribed safekeeping schedule, as well as update of designs and layouts of all protected areas connected to the operations center. This also includes keeping records of all regular and extraordinary events and monitoring of alarm status in areas where interventions were made remotely or in the field. Our monitoring center, as prescribed in our contracts, submits to our clients at least monthly reports on all alarm events, including system arming and disarming during the reporting period, sorted by date and order of use of valid user codes. Upon request of the police department or other authorized investigative institutions, we have provided all necessary data and a complete computer listing of all alarm events registered during critical times. Our operations center is set up in a way that our highly sophisticated technical devices can accommodate all compatible alarm systems installed in BiH, ensuring full data protection, complete surveillance of communication channels used for transfer of encrypted report codes, and possibility of live feed transfer in case of alarm triggering for all buildings with installed video surveillance systems. As pioneers in the industry, in our attempts to achieve complete reliability and safety of communication between the monitoring center and all protected buildings, in 2006 we started installing the latest alarm network communicator, the so-called T-link, which provide continuous monitoring of telephone and communication lines between protected buildings and our monitoring center. This device eliminates the possibility of sabotage of the communication lines, which are normally the weakest link of remotely monitored technical security systems. This ensures safe transfer of all alarm signals from the local alarm system in the protected area to the digital received located in our monitoring center. The most important benefit of investment in an alarm system and connection to our monitoring center is that this ensures that all protected valuables are under 24-hour monitoring, which offers a sense of security for the client in everyday life and during their regular business operations. Any technical security system makes sense only if there is someone who will react once the alarm is triggered and undertake timely actions to prevent jeopardy to the protected building and property. .



The agency for protection of people and property "DSC" d.o.o. Sarajevo was established in early 1999 as the Center for Electronic Surveillance and Monitoring of Facilities.



Eleven of our staff are university graduates, which is the best proof of investment into the quality of our human resources.



Our clients are our best reference. Most of our clients are successful financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, education, medical, and public institutions, insurance companies, and renowned retail brands.


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